Macro Wizard 4.1

Macro Wizard 4.1 2.1

Create and edit macros on your computer

Macro Wizard is a very useful tool to record your mouse movements and keyboard key strokes. Create your own macros and then play and edit them on this same application. Macro Wizard can be run from the command line using “MacroWizard.exe macro-somemarco.mb” command. This application also allows you to create EXE files as a standalone macro tools. Create hot keys to run specific other applications, send key strokes, run macros, and send text to other tools. Macro Wizard is very easy to use application that will let you create your own EXE files. This application has a complete macro player where you can record, play and stop your macro tasks with hot keys. Now there are no limits to create macros to facilitate your tasks with other applications. Macro files can be easily edited also by Windows Notepad. You can also define macro speed and repetitions according to your needs. Macro Wizard is the right tool to create your own macros in no time.